March 15, 2010

New Economic Model – Next Economy

The state of economy plays a major role in our individual and collective lives. Many of our decisions, actions, lifestyle choices and organizational policies are guided […]
June 3, 2010

The Execution Challenge and a Proposed Solution

I have been fortunate to work with some of the top global organizations and its leaders, outstanding CEOs of small to medium size organizations and brilliant […]
July 15, 2010

Is Self Mastery in Business an Oxymoron?

When I talk to business leaders, corporate executives and entrepreneurs on the role of self mastery in business execution, I am aware that not all of […]
December 30, 2019

What Does It Mean to Be a CEO?

The primary responsibility of a CEO is to inspire employees to fully engage in achieving the business goals and objectives. Imagine the exponential execution we can […]