CEO Mastery Journey

To be an effective CEO in today’s complex, diverse, and dynamic business landscape, you not only need superior strategic insights, but also the wisdom and discipline of a Zen master, the incisiveness of a razor-sharp investor, the diplomacy of an ambassador, and the inclusiveness of a social activist.

That requires inspiring, conscious, and enlightened leadership based on a purpose that is larger than self – the CEO Mastery Journey. Through seven key practices presented with real-life examples and thought-provoking candor and authenticity, author Sudhir Chadalavada shows you how to evolve from success to greatness as you achieve your own personal mastery, and then bring it to the organization.

  • Marshall Goldsmith
    Sudhir digs deep into Personal and Organizational Mastery. He makes a compelling connection between mastery and business performance for the CEO in search of newfound heights in business and personal success. CEO Mastery Journey delivers a practical how-to filled with insights and makes profound concepts easy to grasp and applicable in a direct, inspiring way.
    Marshall Goldsmith
    Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the world.

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