Learn how to:

Pursue a life of purpose and achieve exceptional business performance and deep personal fulfillment.
Exude presence, energy and enthusiasm while demonstrating passion and compassion, courage and humility, toughness and care.
Build a leadership team that is aligned, collaborative and mutually accountable.
Infuse a culture of excellence and fulfillment, where employees are fully engaged and have an owner mindset.
Develop a resilient, creative and high trust organization that consistently delivers stellar financial results.

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Advanced Leadership for a New Era

Table of Contents

xvii Acknowledgements

xix Preface

3 From Brink to Breakthrough

25 Claiming the Next Level in Leadership

65 Taking the CEO Mastery Journey

105 Practice 1: Master Human Motivations

141 Practice 2: Lead with Self-Mastery
177 Practice 3: Inspire With a Noble Purpose

205 Practice 4: Assess Current Reality

235 Practice 5: Bridge the Intent-to-Impact Gap

273 Practice 6: Engage in Action Leadership

303 Practice 7: Bake Mastery into Your Organizational DNA

333 Epilogue: Next Levels of Evolution

Author Insight

Why did I write this Book?
Meaningful work: We want work to be meaningful, fun and fulfilling. So, the majority of our waking life is in tune with our purpose!

Purposeful organizations: Successful and ambitious business leaders seek to build purposeful and profitable organizations where all the stakeholders are inspired to be a part - Executive team is mutually accountable, employees are fully engaged with an owner mindset, customers are delighted, shareholders are proud, partners are involved, and communities are included. It requires organizational mastery to build such a purposeful, conscious, self-actualized organization.

Keys to Mastery: I was relentless in my seeking and discovered the keys to personal and organizational mastery. I wrote this book to share those practical steps and to inspire people in to believing that If I can do it, you can too.
What is this book about?
Proven Practices: We want work to be meaningful, fun and fulfilling. So, the majority of our waking life is in tune with our purpose!

Developing Mastery: Successful professionals and leaders already know what it takes to pursue and achieve professional mastery. They had several years of academic education and professional experience. Many of them do not know what it takes to achieve personal and organizational mastery. Personal and Organizational Mastery is assumed at best to be unclear and at worst to be mysterious and esoteric.

How is this different than any leadership book?
My Personal Experience: Most leadership books are written by academic researchers. They describe the characteristics of enlightened leadership and enlightened organizations but do not know “how” to get there. This book is based on my Personal experience and journey. Several other courageous and successful leaders have taken and continue to take this journey.

Integrates Personal and Professional: Most people and books separate Personal Development (self-help) from Professional Development; Personal Fulfillment from Professional Excellence; Pursuit of Purpose from Profit. This book argues that the choice is a false dichotomy, they actually reinforce each other in a virtuous cycle.

Practical Tools & Techniques: Provides practical tools and techniques along with real life examples … Self-improvement + OD + Action Leadership – P#6 Operational infrastructure + P#7 - Bake in Org DNA

Spiritual intelligence and business performance: The author separates spirituality from religion and makes a convincing case for spiritual intelligence (SQ) being critical not only for personal fulfillment but for enhanced business performance. Based on personal experience, the author suggests that an increased SQ results in improved IQ and EQ.

Demystifies consciousness, self-actualization and enlightenment: This book demystifies these “esoteric” terms and demonstrates that they can be tracked, evaluated and pursued for personal and professional development.

Engaging the Journey: It is a journey. Progress is guaranteed, pace is dependent on many factors … What do we want to convey here?

What is required to take this journey?
Your Commitment: Desire and passion, openness, courage and humility … Passion and hunger to unleash your best version and an open mind, heart and spirit to take the journey.

Three key points from my book for the CEO

1It starts with you.
You set the tone. You must be positive, present and purposeful. It is about your mindset – 7 mindsets to master yourself and achieve exceptional personal power. Personal Mastery.
2You cannot do it alone.
You will inspire and engage your executive team and the organization to unleash their very best and give their heart, mind and spirit to the common higher purpose. Organizational Mastery.
3Results will follow:
You will naturally achieve stellar business results and performance. Your Vision will take shape: You will develop a Noble Vision along with the strategy and execution roadmap to guarantee progress.

Leadership Skills will develop naturally: You will learn, demonstrate and teach the 5 Action Leadership Skills. You will bake 4 critical processes in the org DNA.
  • Ash Patel
    Sudhir has mastered the art and science of inspiring and effective leadership. He developed a compelling “How to” blueprint for building high trust and high-performance teams and organizations. This process has delivered exceptional results for us.
    Ash Patel
    President & CEO Commercial Bank of California
  • Mark Clemens
    Sudhir has the ability to see the deeper reasons why we are the way we are and seems to know what stage we’re at in our growth, and what's the best thing to do at this stage. His methods at Golden Hippo have led to more thoughtful, calmer, and happier leaders who are able to create conditions for their teams to thrive and grow.
    Mark Clemens
    CEO Golden Hippo
  • Raj Sisodia
    Very seldom do I meet someone who really ‘speaks my language.’ Sudhir gets it – he correctly emphasizes the importance of leadership behavior and skill in building a purposeful and profitable business organization. This outstanding book provides life-tested examples, frameworks and practical steps to make this happen. I have seen it work.
    Raj Sisodia
    Professor of Global Business, Babson College and Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.
  • Paul Folino
    Very seldom do I meet someone who really “speaks my language”. Sudhir gets it – he correctly emphasizes the importance of leadership behavior and skill in building a purposeful and profitable business organization. He provides a real roadmap to enhance team performance and the CEO Mastery Journey provides life-tested examples, frameworks and practical steps to make this happen. I have seen it work. 
    Paul Folino
    Chairman Commercial Bank of California & Chairman Emeritus, Emulex Corporation
  • Jagdish Sheth
    Business leaders have the most influence and impact in the world today. CEO Mastery Journey truly inspires business leaders to pursue Purpose and Profit, Principles and Performance, Meaning and Money and to not settle for either or solutions. Sudhir presents a comprehensive roadmap to develop conscious, self-actualized leadership for the benefit of all. 
    Jagdish Sheth
    Professor of Business, Emory University
  • Anand Gala
    I have been blessed to have found Sudhir along my journey; it is rare that you find someone who can be so helpful and so selfless. Sudhir's insights have led our entire leadership team to become more self-aware and in turn perform at a much higher level. He has proven and shown how a focus on personal and business mastery are one and the same, and how selfless leadership serves the purpose of business growth. True leadership comes from one's ability to separate from the noise of our daily lives, both personal and professional, and rise above to see the path forward. This pathway to clarity is well-articulated in Sudhir's book and serves as a part of all of our current and future leadership development in each of our portfolio companies – for the benefit of the team members as well as the businesses. This book has served as a guide for myself and my leadership team as we have transformed our business and our lives on our journey to be our best selves. We perform much better, achieve greater business results and have a lot more fun working with one another since learning these tools and insights.
    Anand Gala
    President & CEO, Gala Corporation
  • Jay Jannise
    Sudhir not only talks the talk… he walks the walk! Human capital and conscious leadership are concepts that are foreign if not downright esoteric to most business leaders. Sudhir has a deeper understanding than most and an uncanny ability to deliver the methodologies to successfully help organizations transform from the old paradigms of business to become, as he has coined it, ‘the change they want to be’. I have personally experienced two of those successful journeys with him.
    Jay Jannise
    Executive Vice President, CITO/ISTO, Commercial Bank of California.
  • Kevin Rafferty
    If you are looking to be an elite CEO or leader and want your organization to be considered one of the greatest places to work, treat yourself to Sudhir's work and allow it to be your playbook! This book guides you to your own awakening, expansion and realizations that will help you quickly transform yourself, your leadership quotient, your team and your organization's capacity to thrive and prosper in these changing times. If you are ready to move past being successful to living a life of significance, fulfillment and service, then dig deeply into yourself through the pages that follow!
    Kevin Rafferty
    Executive Coach, CEO, and Author of the book "Wake Up, Get Real, Be Happy - Becoming Your Authentic Self"