Sudhir Chadalavada

What Does It Mean to Be a CEO?
The primary responsibility of a CEO is to inspire employees to fully engage in achieving the business goals and objectives. Imagine the exponential execution we can achieve when each and every employee feels like they own the company they work for.

How can a leader instill such an owner’s mindset?

Employees today expect not just intellectual growth but also a meaningful environment of trust, understanding and empathy and an opportunity to become their best version. In order to succeed, thrive and even survive in this environment, CEOs need to shift their mindset from self-centered, passionate, authoritative and accountable, hard driving leaders to selfless, passionate and compassionate, authoritative and empathetic, accountable and empowering, servant leaders. When we operate in this state, we become adept at facilitating decisions, listening, learning and getting buy-in, in addition to what we are already good at, i.e. making decisions, directing, teaching and providing answers.

Being a CEO is a sacred responsibility since our actions impact and influence hundreds and thousands of employees and stakeholders directly and indirectly.