Sudhir Chadalavada

How to Coach Successful Leaders to Greatness
I had a wonderful time discussing the Practices of Great Business Leaders and Master Coaches at a meeting organized by the Professional Mentors, Advisors and Coaches in Irvine, California. Following is the summary of my presentation:

Great business leaders deliver exceptional results, lead purposeful lives and inspire all stakeholders to stretch and unleash their full creative potential. How do master coaches partner with and help successful leaders reach their greatness? In this thought provoking and interactive presentation, Sudhir Chadalavada discusses the key requirements for leaders and coaches in the new era of transparency and authenticity, with practical examples.

Sudhir digs deep into the evolution of human needs, the momentous socioeconomic shift that is taking place and its implications for business leaders and coaches. He draws from his personal experience of advanced self-mastery and peak performance practices and integrates them with cutting edge work in neural science and best practices in business. Key issues covered include:

  • How to play and win in the new era with new rules of the game?
  • Critical roles of executive coaching and leadership training.
  • Developing a greatness mindset.
  • Five practices of master coaches and great business leaders.
  • The master key to experiencing dramatic improvement in personal power.
  • Building a leadership team that is collaborative and mutually accountable.
  • Emotional mastery and exceptional business performance.
  • Converting good intentions to impactful actions.