Sudhir Chadalavada

Leadership 3.0
Speech Title: Leadership 3.0 – Infuse Mastery in Self, Team and Organizational DNA
Speech Description: Leadership 3.0 is a blueprint of “Next Practices” and Practical steps designed to push the envelope of execution and leadership performance. It is a transformational model that transcends (and includes) the traditional motivational practices and inspires the highest level of performance and effectiveness by integrating pioneering business practices with cutting edge work in neural science, human psychology and human potential. Practical examples and case studies will be provided along with opportunities for role plays in this engaging and interactive discussion.

  1. Offer thought provoking insights and practical solutions to complex socioeconomic and business challenges.
  2. Provide practical techniques to enhance leadership skills, personal and professional effectiveness.
  3. Inspire participants to become role models for Enlightened Leadership.

Value to attendees:

  • Dramatically impact personal leadership, team collaboration and organizational effectiveness. Business leaders and organizations become role models for enlightened leadership.
  • Understand the momentous “Socioeconomic Shift” that brought us to the inflection point of remarkable progress and deep crisis in business, economy and society.
  • Learn transformative skills and practices to seize the historic opportunity. Become inspiring role models to accelerate and sustain the “Socioeconomic Shift.”
  • Listen to the experience of the President of a local community bank who implemented Leadership 3.0 with his management team and has been recognized for his remarkable achievement in building one of the most successful banks in the country.
  • Master authentic communication, rapid decision making, effective conflict resolution and productive negotiation. Achieve full engagement and unconditional commitment.

Speaker Bio: Sudhir Chadalavada is a pioneer in the implementation of enlightened leadership principles in business organizations. He partners with business leaders, CEOs and corporate executives who want to push the envelope of human innovation to foster an environment of inspired action and achieve exceptional business performance and deep personal fulfillment. He brings more than 20 years of leadership experience with Fortune 500 (Intel, Toshiba, PwC/IBM) and small to midsize companies as a senior executive, trusted advisor and CEO.
Sudhir speaks and writes extensively on the socio-economic shift, the new rules of capitalism and the changing role of business organizations and leadership.